Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University (VBSPU) Results

Basic Information
Type:State University
State:Uttar Pradesh
Address:Shahganj Road, Jaunpur PIN-222002 (U.P.) , Uttar Pradesh
  • Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University (VBSPU) is an Uttar Pradesh state government university in Eastern UP at Jaunpur. One can check latest VBSPU results of exams in the result section. The university has colleges affiliated from neighboring districts like Azamgarh, Mau, Ghazipur, and Allahabad.

VBSPU Exam Results
31-01-2019 BSc Nursing Semester 1 ResultGet Result
31-01-2019 MBA (Business Economics, Finance and Control,Agri Business, E-Commerce), MHRD Sem 1Get Result
31-01-2019 MCA and BTech Sem 1 3 5 7Get Result
31-01-2019 MA (Applied Psychology & Mass Communication) Odd Sem ResultsGet Result
31-01-2019 BPharma Odd SemGet Result
31-01-2019 MSc and Ph.D Course Work Odd SemGet Result
31-01-2019LLB Odd SemGet Result
31-01-2019Other Exam ResultsGet Result

Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University

Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University (VBSPU) is also famously known as Purvanchal University in the region. It is one of the major university of Uttar Pradesh State Government. UP government looks after its funding and functioning under the management of its Governor. It was established on 2nd October 1987 in Jaunpur by UP Government. Later this university was renamed in honor of late chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Veer Bahadur Singh.

It is situated on Jaunpur-Shahganj road which is 10 kilometers away from the Jaunpur railway station. Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport of Varanasi is the nearest airport to the university which is 49 kilometers away.

Purvanchal Vishwavidyalaya has a big campus of 171.5 acres which is spread in two parts. Three parks of university campus enhance natural look and feel.

Governor of Uttar Pradesh is the chancellor of VBSPU. At the time of publishing this article, Prof. Dr. Raja Ram Yadav was the vice-chancellor of the Purvanchal Vishwavidyalaya (VBSPU). Vice-chancellor of the university looks after the management and conduct through its various committees. For better operation and decision making VBSPU has an executive council, academic council, and Finance Committee. Examination committee looks after the conduct of various exams while the admission committee is responsible for the smooth admission process. Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University results can be found on this page in the result section.

Courses of VBSPU

VBSPU offers various on-campus courses along with programs available for its affiliated colleges. Some main courses of the university are listed below.

Undergraduate Courses:

  • It offers three-year undergraduate programs in BA with specialization in Hindi, Ancient-History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Education, Music, English, Sanskrit, History, Psychology, and Geography.
  • Three-year B.Com courses are available under the faculty of commerce.
  • B.Sc and B.Sc specialization courses with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Application, and Computer Science are also available.
  • Two-year B.Ed course of Purvanchal Vishwavidyalaya is quite popular among students of eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  • Four-year full-time Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) program to 10+2 or Intermediate students having a minimum 50% of marks in aggregate in PCM/PCB group. Seats are allocated on the basis of Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination (UPSEE) entrance test.
  • Similarly, Four-year full-time Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) course in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science Engineering, Electronic and Instrumentation Engineering, and Electronic and Communication Engineering is also offered. To take admission into VBSPU BTech program, students need to have valid marks in Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination (UPSEE) entrance test.
  • Note: Resultuniversity can help you in checking exam results of entire courses offered at Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University.

Postgraduate Courses:

  • Like undergraduate programs, it also offers various postgraduate courses with specialization in different streams. It offers courses like MA, MCom, MSc, MBA, MCA, and Master of Journalism & Mass Communication. MSc programs with specialization in Environmental Science, Bio-Technology, Bio-Chemistry and Microbiology are also available. MBA courses of VBSPU have streams like human resource and development (HRD), Finance & Control, Agricultural Business, E-Commerce, Business Economics etc.

Available Facilities at Purvanchal Vishwavidyalaya

  • Hostels:
    Purvanchal University has two separate hostel buildings for female students while four buildings for male students. The university always tries to make hostel room rents affordable to students. Mess facility is also provided to the students on minimal rates.
  • Library:
    The university has a huge separate building space for a central library which provides access to thousands of books and research papers. The library is equipped with modern facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, EDUSAT, CCTV camera security, and high-speed e-library through more than 20 computers.
  • Computer Center:
    A central computer lab center is provided to students for their various daily needs of internet surfing, email, and researching activity.
  • Big auditorium, playground, and parks of the university are continuously helping students in their overall development.

Affiliated Colleges with Purvanchal University

More than 500 colleges of eastern UP are affiliated to Purvanchal Vishwavidyalaya. Not only various colleges from Jaunpur but colleges from Ghazipur, Mau,and Azamgarh districts have taken affiliation of this university for various courses. Students of these colleges can check result here. Some colleges of Prayagraj (Allahabad) district have also taken affiliations from this university for their operations and management. List of colleges affiliated to Purvanchal University are as follows:

Name of CollegeAddress
Adarsh Devkali Baba Smarak MahavidyalayaUdaina, Ahiraula, Azamgarh
Anand Mahila MahavidyalayaBarserwa, Bahadurpur, Azamgarh
Anupama Rai Memorial College Of EducationHarairam Agamgarh
Azad MahavidyalayaSaraiya, Palhana, Azamgarh
B.B.S Raj MahavidyalayaGopalapur (Mehnagar), Azamgarh
Baba Baij Nath Ji MahavidyalayaGodhpur, Kishundaspur, Azamgarh
Baba Baij Nath MahavidyalayaAmnave, Martinganj, Azamgarh
Baba Bhawarnath MahavidyalayaKharagpur, Azamgarh
Baba Naipal Smarak MahavidyalayaBrahampur (Latghat), Azamgarh
Baba Ram Tahal Das Vishal MahavidyalayaBhartipur, Azamgarh
Baba Ramnath Utkarsh Mahavidyalaya BalpurKharaila, Azamgarh
Baba Sahoru Das Smarak (B.S.D.S.) MahavidyalayaNandaun, Azamgarh
Baba Vishwanath Krishak MahavidyalayaBhitkason Mehnagar, Azamgarh
Baba Vishwanath MahavidyalayaNibee, Mohammadlla, Azamgarh
Babu K P Singh MahavidyalayaKhemaupur, Chandeshwer, Azamgarh
Babu Kamta Singh MahavidyalayaLafia Lalganj, Azamgarh
Babu Lallan Singh MahavidyalayaBhujahi, Jahanaganj, Azamgarh
Babu Nakki Singh Smarak MahavidyalayaMohabbatpur, Shahgarh, Azamgarh
Babu Raghunath Ji Mahila MahavidyalayaGambhirpur, Azamgarh
Babu Ramanand Singh Mahila Mahavidyalaya Kota UnchuanAzamgarh
Babu Shivpattar Rai Smarak Balika MahavidyalayaRamgarh, Sagri, Azamgarh
Bageshwari MahavidyalayDeeha  Azamgarh
Baij Nath Ramnaresh MahavidyalayaKazipur, Barhalganj Azamgarh
Bajnu Smarak MahavidyalayaBaghara, Uchahuwan, Azamgarh
Barkhu Ram Verma Mahila MahavidyalayaJokhara, Latghat, Azamgarh
Bhagwan Adarsh MahavidyalayaChakrapanipur (Kanaila) Azamgarh
Bhagwati Smarak MahavidyalayaMirjapurkhas, Shahpur, Jahanaganj, Azamgarh
Chandrabhanu Mahavidyalay MasuriapurNainijor Azamgarh
Chauri Belha MahavidyalayaTarva, Azamgarh
D A V Snatkottar MahavidyalayaAzamgarh
D.B.S.K. Girls Degree CollegeAzmatgarh, Azamgarh
Devi Shyam Rathi Mahila Mahavidyalaya SadhavganjBarsara, Khalsa, Azamgarh
Dhanpatti Dharma Degree CollegeKhemaupur,Azamgarh
Dinesh Singh Smarak Mahavidyalaya Pakdi AhiraulaAzamgarh
Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar MahavidyalayBankat Ledaura, Azamgarh
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia MahavidyalayaBelwana,  Azamgarh
Dr. Ram Naresh MahavidyalayaChangaipur, Jiyanpur, Azamgarh
Dr. Sushila Gramin Mahavidyalaya RatuwaparLakhandeeh, Azamgarh
Dr. Sushila Gramin Mahavidyalaya RatuwaparLakhandeeh, Azamgarh
Er. Radhey Shyam Smarak MahavidyalayaSaraisaif,  Sanjarpur, Azamgarh
Fatima Hind Mahila MahavidyalayaMahul, Azamgarh
Gajadhar Gurukul Nanhkudas MahavidyalayaWajidpur (Digurpur), Azamgarh
Gandhi Shatabdi Smarak Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya  Koyalsa,  Azamgarh
Gandhi Smarak Triveni MahavidyalayaBardah, Azamgarh
Ganga Gauri MahavidyalayaRamnagar, Baijawari, Azamgarh
Gautam Buddha Panchsheel MahavidyalayaAidilpur, Azamgarh
Gaya Prasad Smarak Rajkiya Mahila MahavidyalayaAmbari,  Azamgarh
Gram Samaj MahavidyalayaJaisthali, Babu Ki Khajuri,  Azamgarh
Gramin Mahila MahavidyalayaRanipur Rajmo, Bindra Bazar, Azamgarh
Hariom MahavidyalayaAtraith,  Azamgarh
Indrajeet Mahila MahavidyalayAaraji Dewara Nanijour(Pakari Hawa)  Azamgarh
Jai Maa Vaishno MahavidyalayaGahni, Azamgarh
Jai Prakash Rai MahavidyalayaFatuhi, Azamgarh
Jainath Memorial Balika Mahavidyalaya Harai RampurAzamgarh
Jamuna Keshav Singh Memorial MahavidyalayaNuawan, Sammopur, Thekma, Azamgarh
K.D.N. Mahavidyalaya Ubarpur LalganjAzamgarh
Kalawati Gorakh MahavidyalayMunauwarpur, Phoolpur, Azamgarh
Kanti Mahila MahavidyalayBairampur, Azamgarh
Kinsraj Smarak Shikshan Seva Sansthan MahavidyalaySundarnagar Tainee Mahul Azamgarh
Krishna Patel MahavidyalayaRohuvar, Baidauli, Azamgarh
Kuba MahavidyalayaDariyapur, Nevada,  Azamgarh
Kumud Singh MahavidyalayaMasuriyapur, Nainijor, Azamgarh
Kunwar Singh Smarak Mahavidyalay DeehPichari( Amilo),Azamgarh
Lalchandra Kanhaiya Ji MahavidyalayaTisaura Mafi, Badahalganj, Azamgarh
Lalti Mahila MahavidyalayBangaon Azamgarh
Lodi Kisan MahavidyalayaMahadevpur, Senpur, Azamgarh
M. A. Memorial Girls Degree CollegeKolbaj Bahadhur, Azamgarh
M.K.Rai Deep Adarsh Balika MahavidyalayaBhagwanpur,Thekma, Azamgarh
Maa Ashthabuji Mahila MahavidyalayKhorrampur Belau  Azamgarh
Maa Babuna Balika MahavidyalayaBadhgahan, Azamgarh
Maa Buddha National MahavidyalayaGandhuvai, Nizamabad Azamgarh
Maa Chanaramee Devi Mahila MahavidyalayTamaruaa  Azamgarh
Maa Chandrawati Devi Mahila MahavidyalayaMehnagar ,Azamgarh
Maa Chandrawati Devi MahavidyalayDeurpur (Ashraphpur Basaratpatti), Azamgarh
Maa Dhanavati MahavidyalayaSinghpur, Azamgarh
Maa Durgaji MahavidyalayaDurwasa, Dharmdaspur, Azamgarh
Maa Gauri Mahila MahavidylayaGambheerawal Chakwal  Azamgarh
Maa Kamala MahavidyalayTejpur Sultanpur Azamgarh
Maa Malati Devi Mahila MahavidylayaNarehatha  Azamgarh
Maa Murati Balika MahavidyalayaBalrampur, Azamgarh
Maa Prabhavati Balika Mahavidyalaya Suarai Sathiyaon Azamgarh
Maa Sharada Jamuna MahavidyalayTandawakhas Kharihani(Belhadeehroad) Azamgarh
Maa Sharda Snatkottar MahavidyalayaSambhupur Gahji, Azamgarh
Maa Shringari Smarak Mahila MahavidyalayaBharauli, Azamgarh
Maina Devi MahavidyalayaBaidauli, Azamgarh
Mata Dhiraji MahavidyalayaSalempur Sultanipur Azamgarh
Mata Leelawati Chanra Devi Mohit Pahalwan MahavidyalayaKhajura, Fullaich, Bogaria, Azamgarh
Mata Pyaridevi Darshan MahavidyalayKarnehua Menhnagar Azamgarh
Mathura Rai Mahila MahavidyalayaMaltari, Azamgarh
Mirza Ahsanullah Beg Niswan (Balika) MahavidyalayaAnjan Shaheed, Azamgarh
Mohd. Masood Khan Degree CollegeMagravan, Azamgarh
Moti Harish Chandra Mahavidyalaya BaldeehPandaha ,Azamgarh
Mubarakpur Girls Degree CollegeMubarakpur, Azamgarh
Munni Devi Mahila MahavidyalayaGopalpur, Sardaha Bazaar, Azamgarh
Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose MahavidyalayaDeogaon, Azamgarh
Om Prakash Mishra Smarak MahavidyalayaMolanapur, Ahmadbaks, Phulesh, Azamgarh
Palakdhari Singh Mahila MahavidyalayaItaura, Chandeshwar, Azamgarh
Pd. Nagina Smarak MahavidyalayaJokhara, Azamgarh
Pheku Singh MahavidyalayaChewar,  Azamgarh
Phoola Devi  Mangaroo Singh Memorial MahavidyalayChhattarpur Lalganj Azamgarh
Phoolchand Gramin Mahila MahavidyalayaNarhankhas, Azamgarh
Priyanka MahavidyalayaNarfora, Virali, Azamgarh
Public Girls Degree CollegeKhankah, Saraimir, Azamgarh
Purvanchal Snatkottar MahavidyalayaRamsunderpur, Rani Ki Sarai, Azamgarh
Radhika Krishna Murari MahavidhlayaZameen Harkhori, Azamgarh
Raj Bahadur Singh Smarak Mahavidyalaya Hameedpur, (Shaheedwara), Azamgarh
Rajdei Devi MahavidyalayaSangrampur Deedargarh, Azamgarh
Rajdev Krishak MahavidyalayaKashipur, Surai, Sathiyavan, Azamgarh
Rajeev Gandhi MahavidyalayaBaldev, Manduri, Kaptanganj, Azamgarh
Ram Bachan Yadav MahavidyalayaBahauddinpur, Khurason, Phoolpur, Azamgarh
Ram Dev Memorial MahavidyalaRanipur, Rajmo, Mohammadpur, Azamgarh
Ram Kishor Balika MahavidyalayaImamgarh, Mahul, Azamgarh
Ram Nath Dhananjay Smarak Mahila MahavidyalayaJagdishpur, Atrauliya, Azamgarh
Ram Pujan Smarak MahaviyalayaGorharpur Atrauliya, Azamgarh
Ram Raji Devi Mahila MahavidyalayaSurai, Azamgarh
Ram Sakal Singh Smarak Mahila Mahavidyalaya MadhubanGurehatha, Azamgarh
Ram Sakal Smarak MahavidyalayaGorthani, Atraulia, Azamgarh
Ram Subhag Kisan MahavidyalayaJagdishpur, Saraimeer, Azamgarh
Ramdev Institute Of EducationKhillupur Sanjarpur Azamgarh
Ranbahadur Mahavidyalaya PhoolpurDehat, Azamgarh
Safiya Girls Degree CollegeMahalia, Shahgarh, Azamgarh
Sant Mauni Baba S.M.S.Girls Degree CollegeRoshanpur Kamhariya Menhnagar Azamgarh
Saraswati Mahila MahavidyalayGajandharpatti Ajagara Boodhanpur Azamgarh
Sarvoday Mahila Degree CollegeGhorath Harbanshpur Azamgarh
Savitri Singh Mahila MahavidyalayaOdhra, Salempur, Nainijor, Azamgarh
Shaheed Indrajeet Smarak Grameen MahavidyalaySumhadeeh Pawai Azamgarh
Shailendra Mahila MahavidyalayaJahanagarh,Azamgarh
Shanti Sudama Smarak MahavidyalayaAmaura, Azamgarh
Shibli National P.G. CollegeAzamgarh
Shivshankar Singh MahavidyalayaKanaila (Karanhat), Azamgarh
Shree Nanhoo Yadav Kisan Balika MahavidyalayBhagawanpur Haraura Azamgarh
Shri Agrasen Mahila Snatkottar MahavidyalayaAzamgarh
Shri Baba Sadhav Ram MahavidyalayaKoinha, Barsra Khalsa, Azamgarh
Shri Badri Prasad MahavidyalayaAarifpur, Sagari, Azamgarh
Shri Bhawanand Balika MahavidyalayaPunarji, Jahanganj, Azamgarh
Shri Durgaji Snatkottar MahavidyalayaChandesar, Azamgarh
Shri Gandhi Snatkottar MahavidyalayaMaltari, Azamgarh
Shri Hari Shanker Ji MahavidyalayaRampur, Jahanaganj, Azamgarh
Shri Harihar Ji MahavidyalayaFariha, Nizamabad, Azamgarh
Shri Jagdish Narayan Mahendra Prasad MahavidyalayaRagghupur, Azamgarh
Shri K.N. Singh Mahila MahavidyalayaNagar Kshetra, Jeanpur, Azamgarh
Shri Kamal Nath Singh MahavidyalayaBarohi, Fattehpur, Azamgarh
Shri Kashi Chandradev Yadav MahavidyalayaHazipur, Bamhaur, Azamgarh
Shri Krishna Geeta Rashtriya MahavidyalayaLalganj, Azamgarh
Shri Krishnan MahavidyalayaBansgaon, Azamgarh
Shri Raghunath Prasad Sahu Mahila MahavidyalayaHaraiya, Azamgarh
Shri Ram Dawar Pandey MahavidyalayaLaradpur, Oril, Azamgarh
Shri Ramashray Jagdamba Gramin MahavidyalayaJamuwan, Azamgarh
Shri Ramdhani Kishan MahavidyalayaBaghra, Uchauhuwa, Azamgarh
Shri Shankar Durgaji MahavidyalayaKharchalpur, Jamalpur, Sofipur, Azamgarh
Shri Sharda Mahavidyalaya KhorrampurBelaun, Azamgarh
Shri Sharda Mata Prasad Degree CollegeMai Kharagpur, Azamgarh
Shri Shiva Degree CollegeTerahi Kaptanganj, Azamgarh
Shri Vikrama Chauhan Samrak MahavidyalayaRampur, Bhujahi, Azamgarh
Shyam Kanhaiya Rai Balika MahavidyalayAmaura Pandaha Azamgarh
Shyamkaran Smarak MahavidyalayaSaifpur Urf Bajanpur, Azamgarh
Sitaram Singh Ramanand Singh Smarak MahavidyalayaSamenda, Azamgarh
Smt. Shakuntala Devi Durga Prasad Shrivastava MahavidyalayaChaklatif, Mahul, Azamgarh
Sri Komal Sahu Smarak MahavidyalayaBaragoan, Jiyanpur, Azamgarh
Sunshine Girls Degree CollegePanti Jaigaha, Azamgarh
Suryanath Singh Smarak MahavidyalayaGhinhapur, Gopalpur, Azamgarh
Sushila Rai Mahila MahavidyalayaSarai Mohan, Azamgarh
Sw. Ishdutt Smarak MahavidyalayaDevara Kadim, Maharajganj, Azamgarh
Sw. Kalpanath MahavidyalayaBarserwa, Ahirauli, Lalganj, Azamgarh
Swami Sahjanand Janta MahavidyalayaHaraiya, Azamgarh
Udayraj Singh Ram Pyari Mahavidyalaya JalalpurKaudiya ,Azamgarh
Ultra Modern Girls Degree College MehnagarAzamgarh
Verma Shyam Dulari MahavidyalayaAraji Devara Nainijor, Raunapar, Azamgarh
Vikayal Vikrama Rai Mahila Mahavidyalaya Harraiya SagariAzamgarh
Vishwanath Smarak MahavidyalayKabootara Menhnagar Azamgarh
Yogendra MahavidyalayaKamhariya, Kharihani, Azamgarh
Aaditya Dixit Girls Degree College OrasanGhazipur
Abhay Narayan Singh Memoriyal Degree CollegeKundesar Ghazipur
Adarsh M. D. Mahila MahavidyalayaTalval, Ghazipur
Baba Dharmdev Balika Mahavidyalay KaithvaliaMahpur Ghazipur
Baba Gajadhar Das Balika MahavidyalayaAtampur Chhapra (Saadat), Ghazipur
Baba Hazari Singh Memorial Balika MahavidyalayaSalempur Bahadur Jakhniyan Ghazipur
Baijnath Mahavidyalaya Budhanpur ShadiyabadGhazipur
Bolanath Smarak Mahavidyalay Dhamupurhameeddham0, Ghazipur
Buddham Sharanam MahavidyalayaMudwal, Fateullahpur, Ghazipur
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Krishak MahavidyalayaJalalabad, Dullahpur, Ghazipur
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya MahavidyalayaJhotari, Dhamupur, Ghazipur
Ganga Jaddi Balika MahavidyalayaRajhati, Baheri, Ghazipur
Hanuman Singh MahavidyalayaDevkali, Ghazipur
Harivanshi Dwarika College Of EducationDurkhushi, Mardah, Ghazipur
I.D. Memorial Degree CollegeAnand Bihar Mudwal Fateullahapur Ghazipur
Indradev Ramnawal Banafar MahavidyalayaDaharmauwa, Ghazipur
Jainath MahavidyalayAlipur, Madra, Jakhania, Ghazipur
Kalika Chandrika Indrasan MahavidyalayaBharatpur, Ghazipur
Kaushik MahavidyalayaSurwat Ghazipur
Krishak Mahavidyalaya Ukranav Bahriyabad, Ghazipur
Late Chandrasekhar Ji Purva Pradhan Mantri Smarak MahavidyalayaRampur, Kanva, Saverai, Ghazipur
M. N. Balika Mahavidyalaya Sardarpur KayampurGhazipur
M.M.D. Upendra Girls Educational Institute BoganaGhazipur
M.P. Girls Sansthan Mahmudpur KutubchakSaidpur Ghazipur
Maa Bageshwari Devi Mahila MahavidyalayaNasirpur, Ghazipur
Maa Kamakhya MahavidyalayaGahmar, Ghazipur
Maa Ramdulari Balika Mahavidyalaychhatarma Ghazipur
Mahant Pavahari Shribalkrishna Yati Kanya Mahavidyalaya HathiyaramGhazipur
Mahatma Gandhi Mahila Degree CollegeSauram, Nandganj, Ghazipur
Mahatma Gandhi Shati Smarak MahavidyalayaGarua Maksoodpur, Ghazipur
Mahavidyalaya AkaraoShadiyabad, Ghazipur
Malikpura Degree College MalikpuraGhazipur
Mata Kusum Devi Girls Degree CollegeKudila Jakhania Ghazipur
Mata Ramdulari Ramashray Shikhhak Prashikhhan SansthanNaurangabad Khajepur Bahariabad Ghazipur
Musaphir MahavidyalayaAtaria Dharammarpur,Ghazipur
Nand Baba S. N. S. K. Institute Of EducationBhawraha Pandeypur Radhey, Ghazipur
Niranjan MahavidyalayaMustafabad, Bijaura, Ghazipur
Pahalwan Indradev Mahila MahavidyalayaBhadaura, Tadawan, Ghazipur
Prabhu Narayan Singh MahavidyalayaBaghel Vanshiy Marhi Ashram, Kasimabad, Ghazipur
Rajdev MahavidyalayaSalempur Bandhai Ghazipur
Rajnath Memorial MahavidylayBhitari Ghazipur
Ram Nagina Kisan MahavidyalayaMuriyari, Jakhanian, Ghazipur
Ram Rahim MahavidyalayaGahmar Ghazipur
Ramnagina Shikhhak Prashikhhan MahavidyalayPaharpur Kala Ghazipur
Ramsharan MahavidyalayaMardanpur, Ghazipur
Reshama Mahila MahavidyalaySikandarpur Bairakh Ghazipur
Reshmi Mahila MahavidyalyaAtariya, Dharammarpur, Ghazipur
Sadguru Shri Seetadas MahavidyalayaDhaneshpur, Ghazipur
Sahay Singh MahavidyalayAngurpur, Rampur,Balbhadra, Ghazipur
Sahid Bhagat Singh Baba Murali Mahila Degree CollegeMahurasa(Makhdumpur) Sadat, Ghazipur
Sant Bula Satyanam Das Birbal Snatkottar MahavidyalayaAmari, Dullahapur, Ghazipur
Sant Ramnarayan Rajkishore Shankar Mahila MahavidyalayaBaruen, Zamania, Ghazipur
Satyadev Degree CollegeGadhipuram (Borasia), Fadanpur, Ghazipur
Secret Heart Girls College For Education And TrainingBauriveer Singhpur Ghazipur
Shabri MahavidyalayaSikhari, Ghazipur
Shaheed Smarak Rajkiya MahavidyalayaYusufpur, Mohammadabad, Ghazipur
Shailesh MahavidyalayaSavash (Shailesh Nagar), Gazipur
Shree Chandrabali Balika MahavidyalayTajpur Molana Ghazipur
Shree Mahabali Balchandra MahavidyalayaSardarpur Buddhupur Ghazipur
Shree Ram Avtar Chaubey MahavidyalayaDharani,Bhanmal Rai Zamania, Ghazipur
Shri Banshi Balgopal MahavidyalayaSagra,Rajupur, Ghazipur
Shri Bashisth MahavidyalayaBaghari, Zamania,Ghazipur
Shri Radha Raman MahavidyalayaAdarsh Vidyapeeth, Ruhipur, Ghazipur
Shri Ram Karan Snatkottar MahavidyalayaIshopur, Rampur, Ghazipur
Shri Ramashankar Bal Gopal MahavidyalayaNasirpur Maupara, Ghazipur
Shri Rang Ji Yadav MahavidyalayaRampur, Matkhanna, Ghazipur
Sw . C. G. Girls Degree CollegeRampur, Balbhadra Ghazipur
Sw. Chandrika Kisan MahavidyalaySainupur Aamghat Bhawarkol Ghazipur
Sw. Faujdar Singh Chauhan BalikaMahmoodpur Pali Devkali Ghazipur
Uday Pratap Mahila MahavidyalayaKutubpur, Khetabpur, Ghazipur
Vindhyachal G (Girls) College Karkapur, Alawalpur, Ghazipur
Aachary Baldev CollegeKopa,Patarhi, Jaunpur
Aadarsh Nanhkoo Ram MahavidyalayRamgarh Barawan Jaunpur
Abdul Aziz Ansari Degree CollegeMajadeeha, Shahganj, Jaunpur
Baba Ganesh Dutt MahavidyalayaRattipur, Jaunpur
Baba Kamdev Singh MahavidyalayaMadhi,Jaunpur
Baba Prasidha Narayan MahavidyalayaBagathari, Murara, Keraket, Jaunpur
Baba Sahab Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar MahavidyalayaSiddiquepur, Jaunpur
Babu Udrej Shikshan SansthanBajhan Mahrajganj Jaunpur
Bayalasi MahavidyalayaJalalpur, Jaunpur
Beerbal MahavidyalayaRasoolpur, Machchhli Shahar, Jaunpur
Bharti Mahila MahavidyalayaBharti Nagar, Jaunpur
Bhola Nath Mishra Degree College Bhola NagarJaunpur
Bhushan Bandhu Mahila MahavidyalayaBelwa Bazar, Jaunpur
Bihari Mahila MahavidyalayaMachchali Shahar, Jaunpur
Brahmlin Shri Pujari Maharaj MahavidyalayaTiyra, Badlapur, Jaunpur
Buddhuram Satyavati Devi SansthanKuddupur Jaunpur
Champa Devi Mahila MahvidyalaySaraybeeka Machhalishahar Jaunpur
D.A.V. SansthanNayanpur Patarahi, Jaunpur
Dev VidyasthaliDobhi, Khetasarai, Jaunpur
Dhaneshwar Yadav Mahila MahavidyalayMokalpur Nevada Jaunpur
Dharma Devi MahavidyalayaBelapar (Hayatganj) Buxa, Jaunpur
Dharma Devi MahavidyalayaPanwara Jaunpur
Diyava Nath Kevala Shankar Mahavidyalaya DatanvJaunpur
Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi Shiya Degree CollegeJaunpur
Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Balika Degree CollegeMaharajganj, Jaunpur
Dr. G. S. Dubey MahavidyalayaMithepar, Jaunpur
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Government Degree CollegeMuftiganj, Jaunpur
Dr. Satya Prakash Singh MahavidyalayaJamuniya, Jaunpur
Dudhnath Singh Smarak MahavidyalayaMariyanhu, Jaunpur
Dwarika Prasad MahavidyalayaVijadharmau, Mungra Badashahpur, Jaunpur
Dwarika Prasad Yadav MahavidyalayaMishrmau, Sandi, Jaunpur
Faridul Haque Memorial Degree College SabrahadJaunpur
Gandhi Smarak MahavidyalayaSamodhpur, Jaunpur
Gauri Shankar (G.S.) MahavidyalayGari Kala Khunsapur Jaunpur
Gokulnath Dubey MahavidyalayaDhema, Jaunpur
Govind Ballabh Pant MahavidyalayaPratapganj, Jaunpur
Gulabi Devi MahavidyalayaSiddiqpur, Jaunpur
Himtaj MahavidyalayaNevadhiya Jaunpur
Indrapati MahavidyalayaGairwah, Jaunpur
Jai Bajarang Mahila MahavidyalayaMungra Badshahpur, Jaunpur
Jai Bajrang Ramsurat MahavidyalayaBhatauli, Basauli, Jaunpur
Jangi Mahavidyalaya AsbaranpurJaunpur
Janhit MahavidyalayaGomti Nagar Mahimapur, Jalalpur, Jaunpur
Janta MahavidyalayaRatnupur, Jaunpur
Jata Shankar Gupt Degree CollegeKatwar, Jaunpur
K.D.S. MahavidyalayaSubashpur, Pali, Jaunpur
Kalawati Devi College of Education Vijadharmau, Mungrabadshahpur, Machhalishahar, Jaunpur
Kaushilya Devi Baijnath Jaiswal Maina Devi Sherbahadur Singh MahavidyalyaGuwanwa, Bhilampur, Jaunpur
Kaushilya MahavidyalayaDilawarpur, Mariyahu Jaunpur
Kutir Snatkottar MahavidyalayaChakke, Jaunpur
L.P.N. Girls Degree CollegeTriveni Nagar Bijhwat Jaunpur
Lalita Mahavidyalay GathanaNarauli Jaunpur
Lalji Ram Raj Yadav Mahavidyalaya BelvaMariyahun, Jaunpur
Lalti Kumudeshvar Educational And Training Mahila CollegeJaunpur
Maa Aasha GyandeepsansthanKuchhmuchh Nayansand Jaunpur
Maa Duraga Girls CollegeDobhi, Jaunpur
Maa Fefana Devi Balika MahavidyalaySulatanpur Amihit Jaunpur
Maa Gujarati Mahavidyalaya Churavanpur BakshaJaunpur
Maa Ishraji Devi Mahavidyalay RaiyaGuljarganj Jaunpur
Maa Kamla Devi MahavidyalayaJaipalpur, Mugrabadshahpur, Jaunpur
Maa Pyari Devi Mahavidyalaya Mokalpur MariyahunJaunpur
Maa Saraswati MahavidyalayaDamodara, Jaunpur
Maharshi Moolchand Yadav Mahila MahavidyalayaNandauli Kerakat Jaunpur
Manvendra Singh Suman Mahavidyalayapost pesara, kerakat, Jaunpur
Mariyahu Snatkottar MahavidyalayaMariyahu, Jaunpur
Mata Prasad Adarsh Mahavidyalaya Bhabhauri SherwanJaunpur
Microtek College Of Management And TechnologyMurtjabad, Kerakat, Jaunpur
Mohammad Hasan Degree CollegeJaunpur
Mukteshwer Prasad MahavidyalayaJaunpur
Muneshvar MahavidyalayaVishwapalpur Baraipar, Jaunpur
Muslim Girls Degree CollegeJaunpur
Nagrik Degree CollegeJanghai, Jaunpur
Navoday MahavidyalayRamipur Merha Jaunpur
Navyug Mahavidyalaya MadhupurJaunpur
Nooruddin Khan Girls Degree CollegeAflepur, Malhani Bazaar, Jaunpur
Onkaar Naath Tripathi Law CollegeLaunh Kodahon, Mugra Badshaahpur,Jaunpur
Paanchoo Ram Yadav MahavidyalayaAra, Jaunpur
Prabhu Devi MahavidyalayaMachhali Gaon Jaunpur
Premdeep MahavidyalayaSultanpur, Kerakat, Jaunpur
Pro. Ram Nath Pandey Mahila MahavidyalayaMungara Badshahpur, Jaunpur
Pt. Rameshchandra Parasnath MahavidyalayRamchanderpur Hardwari Jaunpur
R.D.S. MahavidyalayaKusawn Bhaupur, Jaunpur
R.P.S. Sansthan Udaychandrapur(Rampati Nagar) Jaunpur
R.S. Raj MahavidyalayaLaljipar, Sikrara, Jaunpur
Raghuvir Mahavidyalaya ThaloiBhikharipur Kala Jaunpur
Rahul MahavidyalayaKalawari, Sherwa, Jaunpur
Raj Bahadur MahavidyalayaGulalpur, Jaunpur
Raj Gaurav MahavidyalayaKhutahan Jaunpur
Raja Harpal Singh MahavidyalayaSingramau, Jaunpur
Raja Ram Mahavidyalaya RamnagarJaunpur
Raja Shri Krishna Dutt Snatkottar MahavidyalayaJaunpur
Rajaram Mahavidyalayvelaunakala, Barsathi,  Jaunpur
Rajbahadur YadavEkauna Sadar Jaunpur
Rajesh Kumar MahavidyalayaKohre Sultanpur Jaunpur
Ram Adheen MahavidyalayaTekardeeh, Jiyaramau, Jaunpur
Ram Awadh Yadav Ganna Krishak MahavidyalayaTakha, Shahganj Jaunpur
Ram Dev MahavidyalayaSirauli Meerganj, Jaunpur
Ram Karan Institute Of Higher Education Nauli Khutahan Jaunpur
Ram Kishore MahavidyalayaKunwarpur, Jaunpur
Ram Kishun Singh Mahavidyalaya SiddikpurJaunpur
Ram Lakhan Singh MahavidyalayaRampur, Baijapur, Jaunpur
Ramdev Balika MahavidyalayaGopalpur, Amaari Suithakala,Jaunpur
Ramsamujh MahavidyalayaFattupur, Bhagawanpur, Jaunpur
Ran Bahadur Manikraji MahavidyalayaGothanv, Jaunpur
Rashtriya Snatkottar MahavidyalayaJamuhai, Jaunpur
Rashtriya Snatkottar MahavidyalayaSujanganj, Jaunpur
S. V. D. Gurukul MahavidyalayaDumduma, Uchgaon, Jaunpur
Sahkari P.G. College MihrawanJaunpur
Sainik Girija Shankar MahavidyalayaKerakat, Jaunpur
Saltanat Bahadur MahavidyalayaBadlapur Jaunpur
Samarajeet (S.J.) MahavidyalayaVeerbhanpur, Jaunpur
Sankalp Mahila MahavidyalayaSonahita, Jaunpur
Sant Mathura Singh MahavidyalayaMadarpur Jaunpur
Sarju Prasad MahavidyalayaKachgaon, Jaunpur
Saroj Vidyashankar Saraswati Mandir MahavidyalayaKodai Ka Pura Balvarganj Sujanganj, Jaunpur
Sarvajanik MahavidyalayaMungara Badshahpur, Jaunpur
Sarveshvari Mahavidyalaya KamruddinpurRampur, Jaunpur
Sarvoday Vidhyapith Mahavidyalaya MeerganjJaunpur
Sarvodaya Mahila Mahavidylaya Pranpatti Leduka Jaunpur
Savitri Devi MahavidyalayaFattupur Kala Mugrabadshahpur Jaunpur
Sharda Devi Kanya MahavidyalayaKaderepur Badlapur,Jaunpur
Shiv MahavidyalayaHariharpur, Dobhi, Jaunpur
Shivangi Mahila MahavidyalayaPanchahatiya Jaunpur
Shivgovind MahavidyalayMachhalishahar Jaunpur
Shree Abhimanyu Yadav MahavidyalayLapari Jaunpur
Shree Ram Surat Mahavidyalay Bhonda Mariyanhu Jaunpur
Shree Ramlakhan Singh Shikhhan SansthanNakahara Khandew Jaunpur
Shri Bajrang MahavidyalayaGhanshyampur, Jaunpur
Shri Ganesh Rai Snatkottar MahavidyalayaDobhi, Jaunpur
Shri Haridas MahavidyalayaLahangpur, Jaunpur
Shri Indrmani Mahila MahavidyalayaKhoiri, Barsathi, Jaunpur
Shri Raj Rajeshwari Mahila MahavidyalayaHunsepur, Sirkoni Jaunpur
Shri Rajaram MahavidyalayaTariyari, Kerakat, Jaunpur
Shri Ram Dular Pahalawan MahavidyalayaSemari, Shahpur, Jaunpur
Shri Ram MahavidyalayaAdampur, Nigoh Jaunpur
Shri Vidyadhar Tiwari Mahila MahavidyalayaSulatanpur, Dariyavganj, Jaunpur
Shrijan MahavidyalayaBhatevara, Jaunpur
Shrimati Janki Rampal MahavidyalayaBhannaur Jaunpur
Shrimati Rajdei Singh Mahila MahavidyalayaTakha (Pashchim), Shahganj, Jaunpur
Sir J P Mahila MahavidyalayaKevtali, Badlapur, Jaunpur
Sri Chandrabhan Singh Degree CollegeChandpur, Gonapar, Jaunpur
Sudhakar Singh Foundation Mahila MahavidyalayaPilkhini Gaurabadshahpur, Jaunpur
Sukhmay Mahila MahavidyalayaBehra, Jaunpur
Sumitra MahavidyalayaSherwan, Jaunpur
Surya Bali Yadav MahavidyalayaDevkali, Sarai, Khawaja, Jaunpur
Sw. Bahadur Singh MahavidyalayaBankat, Jaunpur
Sw. Digvijay Singh Mahila MahavidyalayaHasanpur Bhaura,Jaunpur
Sw. Malti Singh Mahavidyalaya AmbarpurBelva, Madiyahu, Jaunpur
Thakur Jagannath Singh Mahavidyalaya NuwanBarai Jaunpur
Thakur Mativar Singh MahavidyalayaPurauttam, Jamalapur, Jaunpur
Tilakdhari Mahila MahavidyalayaJaunpur
Tilakdhari Snatkottar MahavidyalayaJaunpur
Udasinacharya Jagatguru Shrichand Ji MahavidyalayaPilakhini, Gaura Badshahpur Jaunpur
Vansha Devi MahavidyalayaGajadharpur, Gaddopur, Jaunpur
Walther Degree CollegeRampur Jaunpur
Yashoda MahavidyalayaPatrahi, Jaunpur
A. N. Girls Degree CollegeFatehpur, Talartoy, Madhuban, Mau
Aadishakti CollegeTajopur Mau
Aazad Hind MahavidyalayaChakramji Maunath Bhanjan, Mau
Abdul Usman MahavidyalayaRaipur, Paliya, Mau
Aruna Memorial Sarswati MahavidyalayaRewridih, Sahroj, Mau
Avadh Narayan Singh MahavidyalayaSultanipur, Mau
B.S.S. MahavidyalayaKopaganj, Mau
Baba Bhrigu MahavidyalayaPaliya Mau
Baba Jagdev Das Maa Amrawati Shivpujan MahavidyalayaPakri Taal, (Ozipur) Ghosi, Mau
Baba Paramhans Tribhuwan Smarak Mahila MahavidyalayaHanuman Nagar, Karampur, Mau
Baba Tapeshwar Mahila MahavidyalayaGaurpar, Mau
Baba Thanidas Balika MahavidyalayaGofa, Amila, Mau
Baburam Kailashi Devi Mahila MahavidyalayaDhanauli Rampur Doharighat, Mau
Bhrigunath Balika MahavidyalayaPara Mubarakpur, Mau
Bindeshwari MahavidyalayaDhavariyasath, Mau
Chandradev Smarak Mahila MahavidyalayKhanpur Mau
Chandrashekhar Mahavidyalaya Sahzadpur (Niyamatpur)Mau
Chhote Lohia MahavidyalayaJamunipur, Chakesar, Kashidham, Surajpur, Mau
D.C.S.K. MahavidyalayaMau
D.S.S.A. Balika MahavidyalayaDadnpur Ahirauli, Mau
Deep Niketan MahavidyalayaBhatikla, Karha, Mau
Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar MahavidyalayaChakara Basu Nagar, Dargah, Mau
Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar MahavidyalayaIndara, Mau
Dulari Devi Panmati Mahila MahavidyalayJagdishpur, Gahani, Mau
H.A. Rab Girls Degree College Jahangirabad Maunath BhanjanMau
H.M. MahavidyalayaPeewatal, Mau
Haripal Ji Smarak MahavidyalayaDaraura, Karha, Mau
Indian Education InstituteKhalispur, Mau
Indu Mahila MahavidyalayaBhudsuri(Badhya), Ratanpura, Mau
Janta MahavidyalayaRanipur, Mau
Jay Maa Khandwari Mahila MahavidyalayKotawa Kahinaur Mau
Karma Lal Bihari Degree CollegeGontha Doharighat Mau
Keshav Madhav Baijnath MahavidyalayaChakvilayat Dargah, Mau
Kisan Majdur MahavidyalayaBhiti, Mau
Krishak MahavidyalayaKoariyapar, Mau
Krishna Institute of Education For WomensTenduli Paligarh, Mau
Krishna MahavidyalayaTajpur, (Usmanpur) Pipridih, Mau
Krishna Memorial Mahavidyalaya Ratanpura Mau
Kumar Parmarath Baba Govind MahavidyalayaKalyanpur, Mau
Lakshmi Narayan MahavidyalayaKushmour, Pakhaipur, Mau
Lal Bacchi Singh Mahila MahavidyalayaKamalpur Kolaura, Mau
Lalsar Krishak MahavidyalayaTaketuwa, Rampur, Mau
Maa Mewati Tara Devi Institute of Girls Education DhaurharaMau
Maa Shakuntla Mahila MahavidyalayaAmari Amarhat, Mau
Mahadev MahavidyalayaNeruvadeeh, Gahana, Mau
Mahadev Ramsoch Krishak MahavidyalaySipah Ibrahimabad Mau
Maharshi Baba Lodi Das MahavidyalayaKhurhat, Mau
Majeedun Nisha Girls Degree CollegeKopaganj, Mau
Mangru Memorial Mahila Mahavidyalaya BhelurChangeri, Mau
Manniya Kashiram R.D. Ram R.B. Ram Memorial Degree College Kamalpur, Kolaura, Mau
Maryada Purusuhottam MahavidyalayaBhursuri, Ratanpura, Mau
Mata Duja Devi Nikumbh Mahila MahavidyalayaKushmaur Kaithvali, Mau
Md. Shahbaan Memorial MahavidyalayaRampur Belauli, Mau
Mevati Devi MahavidyalayaTadva, Jargar, Mau
Musafir Prabhavati MahavidyalayaSalahabad, (Bachauna), Mau
N. K. National Mahila MahavidyalayaNadwa Sarai, Mau
Nabi Ahmad Mahila Degree College. SalempurRampur, Mau
Nageshwar Pandey MahavidyalayaPiparsath, Mau
Namvar Khuddan Smarak Kisan MahavidyalayaSirsa, Chiraiya Kot, Mau
Paras Baba Sahab Ambedkar Shaheed Faujdaar Ram MahavidyalayaParaspura, Mau
Parvati Mahila Degree CollegeDoharighat, Mau
Prabhunath Singh Gautam MahavidyalayGaribpatti Tadwa Chiraiyakot Mau
Prithvi Raj Chauhan MahavidyalayaMau
Pt. Chandrika Smarak Purvanchal MahavidyalayaSurhupur Mohammadabad, Gohna, Mau
Public Mahila Sahar MahavidyalayaBaramadpur Mohammadabad, Gohna, Mau
Purushottam MahavidyalayaRanvirpur, Mau
Purvanchal Mahila Degree CollegeBhikharipur, Mau
R.A.F. Mahila MahavidyalayaShamshabad, Karha, Mau
Rahmaniya Degree CollegeRopanpur, Hisampur, Mau
Raj Nath Mahavidyalaya Shukul Patti KathatrawanMau
Raja Harishchandra MahavidyalayaRukunpur Rampurkandhi, Devlaas, Mau
Rajan College Of Women's EducationHikama Kopaganj Mau
Rajeev Gandhi MahilaMahavidyalaya, Pardaha, Mau
Rajendra Tara Chauhan mahavidyalayItaura, Ardauna, Mau
Rajeshwari Devi Mahila MahavidyalayPaligarh Mau
Rajiya Smarak Mahila Mahavidyalaya Hakeekatpur (Mataloopur)Mau
Rajpati Yadav Isri Smarak Arjun MahavidyalayaJasada, Mau
Ram Awadh Singh MahavidyalayaPiparideeh, Mau
Ram Bachan Singh Rajkiya Mahila MahavidyalayaBagli Pijra, Mau
Ram Lagan Girls Degree CollegeAmila, Mau
Ram Lagan MahavidyalayaJamalpur, Mirzapur, Ghosi, Mau
Ram Naval Singh Smarak MahavidyalayaChiraiyakot, Mau
Ram Prasad Smarak Shikshan Prashikshan Seva Sansthan MahavidyalaLakhani Mubarakpur Ghosi, Mau
Ram Sundar Pandey MahavidayalayaGaziyapur, Mau
Ram Ugrah Muneshwari Mahadeo MahavidyalayaKajhakoti, Mau
Rambaran Ghurabhari Yadav MahavidyalayaSamauddinpur Karami Mau
Rambhajan Degree College Chakhusain ThalaipurMau
Ramdev Ramharsh Kisan MahavidyalayaChiraiya Kot, Mau
Ramdhan Damodar MahavidyalayaKasara, Mau
Ramdhari Smarak MahavidyalayaMirpur, Godhna, Mau
Ramgopal Institute Of EducationBaragaon Mau
Ramlakhan MahavidyalayaJamdeeh, Mau
Ramsheela Girls Degree CollegeIndustrial Area, Tajopur, Mau
Ranjeet Pandey Smarak Mahila MahavidyalayKamaluddinpur Sousaravan Mau
Rishi Ram Naresh Krishak MahavidyalayaMolnapur, Dubari, Mau
Samata MahavidyalayBaragaon Mau
Sant Gani Nath Rajkiya MahavidyalayaMohammadabad, Gohna, Mau
Sarvodaya P.G. CollegeGhosi, Mau
Shahid Akshyawar Mall Mahila MahavidyalayaSultanpur Barahgawan, Madhuban, Mau
Shanti Singh MahavidyalayaBhopaura, Mau
Shivanand MahavidyalayaIndara, Mau
Shivgovind Rambachan Mahavidyalaya Shiksha SansthanLalitpur, Luduhi, Ghosi, Mau
Shivkumari Sahab MahavidyalayaKayampur, Muhamdabad, Gohna, Mau
Shivmangal Mahila MahavidyalayPardanha Jameen Bela Sulatanpur Mau
Shri Krishna Ambedkar MahavidyalayaMadhuban, Mau
Shri Krishna Mahila MahavidyalayaSipah, Ebrahimabad, Mau
Shri Muktinath Smarak Mahavidyalaya Para MubarakpurKopaganj, Mau
Shri Ram Dhari Chauhan MahavidyalayaKhiriya Mau
Shri Ram Lachhan MahavidyalayaAmila, Mau
Shri Shiv Baba MahavidyalayaDadanpur, Allupur, Pirsai, Mau
Shyama Tiwari MahavidyalayaTinhari, Parsupur, Mau
Shyamsundari Mahila MahavidyalayBuvari (Molanpur) Mau
Smt. Indira Gandhi MahavidyalayaDumari, Maryadpur, Mau
Sonmati Kamla Devi Mahila MahavidyalayaAldemau
Sri Parashar Brahma Sudhakar Pandey Damyanti Devi Institute of Girls Educational RaikwardeehMau
Sugwanti Smarak MahavidyalayKanjha Mau
Sukhram Singh MahavidyalayaSarwan, Mau
Suryanath Ramugrah MahavidyalayaHasanpur, Mau
Sw. Shreemati Indira Gandhi Balika MahavidyalayPadmidanh Ghosi Mau
Swatantrata Sangram Senani Mahendra MahavidyalayaHaldharpur Mau
Swatantrata Sangram Senani Paramhans Mishr Vanshraji Devi Mahila MahavidyalayaReyao, Mau
Talimuddin Nisvan MahavidyalayaMau
V B S Mahila MahavidyalayaAllipur, Dangauli, Mau

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