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HTML Learning with Examples

HTML is the standard markup language for websites. If you want to create your web page, then you need to know HTML programming. HTML codes decide the structure of a web page.

In this tutorial, we will explain almost every HTML code that provides structure to web content. Our HTML tutorial includes hundreds of HTML code examples. Examples ease the process of grasping concepts thoroughly.

HTML Topics to Learn

This HTML5 tutorial takes you to different HTML concepts and topics step by step so that you can learn HTML more correctly. You will learn:

  • Basics of HTML
  • History of HTML
  • Tools for the web development
  • HTML elements
  • HTML attributes
  • HTML styles and formatting
  • HTML tables, links and lists
  • HTML colors
  • HTML images
  • HTML form handling
  • HTML Javascript
  • HTML Graphics and Media etc

Why should One Learn HTML?

HTML codes are behind almost every online web page. They decide the structure of the online web page. In simple words, they decide how the content of a page will look in a browser.

If you want to become a web developer, you must know HTML. Knowledge of HTML helps you in understanding advanced web programming languages like Javascript and PHP.

The knowledge of HTML and CSS will help you design and create your website. If you are willing to launch your website then you should study this HTML tutorial for in-depth knowledge.

You can open your scope of working in the field of digital marketing and SEO. Jobs in digital marketing requires the basic skills of web development.

With the advent of HTML5, Game developers are also designing games that run in a browser using HTML and javascript technology.

Advanced and sophisticated web apps are being developed by software companies that can run in a web browser. HTML coding is the first step towards the journey of such complex web app development.

Prerequisites to Learn HTML

Basic computer literacy is enough to start coding in HTML. It does not require previous knowledge of other complex programming languages.

You can start writing your HTML codes in a computer Notepad that is pre-installed on your computer and run it in a pre-installed web browser.

Don't worry about how to do it. You will come to know everything step by step once you start this HTML course.

HTML Tutorial Audience

Both beginners and professionals can find our tutorial helpful.

HTML References

Our HTML tutorial contains complete references on HTML tags, attributes, color names, color codes, HTML entities and language codes.

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