Basic HTML Page

HTML documents are made with various HTML elements and elements are made with opening and closing tags. To understand the basic building block of a HTML document we have provided an example of a simple basic HTML page.

Simple HTML Document
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>This is the title of the page</title>

<h1>This is the large heading of the page</h1>
<p>This is a paragraph of the page.</p>


The first line of the HTML document <!DOCTYPE html> is a declaration. It tells that this document is an HTML5 document.

<html> is the starting element of a HTML page. It is also known as a root element of an HTML page.

The <head> element is used to provide meta information about the HTML page.

The HTML element <title> is used to inform the title of the HTML page to the web browser. The content of the title element is shown on the title bar of the browser.

The next HTML element you noticed is the <body> element. It defines the body of the HTML document. All the visible content you are going to see on the screen is placed in this element. For example page headings, page paragraphs, lists, tables, images, hyperlinks etc.

The last element in the above example of an HTML document is <p>. It defines the paragraph.

HTML Page Structure

Looking at the simple HTML document example, you can now have a visualisation of its page structure. The below image shows an HTML page structure.

Responsive image

Looking at the page structure one can conclude that HTML is mainly divided into two sections.

  1. Head:
    Head section incorporates all elements that describe the HTML document. In simple term we can say that it contains information about HTML document. For example, page title and meta description. Content of the head elements are invisible on the web display screen.
  2. Body
    Body section of the HTML document incorporates all elements visible on the web browser screen. For example, headings, paragraphs, tables etc.

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